Mitchell Clinton Photography

Still Photography

I started shooting photos in High School. I was very lucky to be part of a program that supplied me with a darkroom, cameras paper and chemicals, and most importantly, 3 very talented teachers. From 1986 until 2014 I was a freelance sports photographer, shooting mostly cycling






Real Estate

Shortly after moving to New Mexico, My wife started a home inspection business. I would go along with her as her, “Lovely Assistant”. Hauling ladders, and helping to pull her out of crawl spaces. I would also shoot the photos to be used in her inspection report. During that time, I was amazed at how little importance was put on the photographic presentation of the properties. I specialize in showing the best of a property, from the ground and from the drone, inside and out.






Drone Photography

In 2017 I discovered Drone Photography. It ability to get perspectives I had never had before as a “Terrestrial Photographer” thrilled me more than anything I had done with photography in many years




Drone Video Stock

I am now offering stock drone video clips through Pond-5.  My favorites from New Mexico, California, Beaches, Mountains, and anything else I find interesting. Please take a look.

These videos have little to no color correction or editing, so the customer can edit as they see fit.

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